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Spring Green Pups
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Spring Green Pups has been recognized across the midwest!


Best Cavapoo Breeders!

"The couple prides themselves on being conscious dog brokers who only deal with experienced, reputable, family-oriented, and caring breeders. The duo is very particular about how they conduct business and try to be as detailed and thorough as possible. They are very open about their operations and welcome any questions about their Cavapoo puppies."

FROM: Puplore
Top Cavapoo Breeder in Wisconsin

"While Spring Green does not breed puppies, they work with family-oriented, experienced, reputable, and caring breeders to supply healthy dogs they can proudly sell with a two-year health guarantee."

A Puppy from Spring Green Pups was Given to A Little Girl by Christian Yelich of the Milwaukee Brewers

A sign a Muskego family thought would be a good way to get Christian Yelich's attention actually got them a new dog. It was hand delivered by the Milwaukee Brewer during a batting practice surprise.


Milwaukee Brewers Tweet:

Congrats! What are you going to name him? Might we suggest Yeli?”

Meet Yeli a puppy from Spring Green Pups given to Lola Labodda, a Muskego 6-year-old, at Miller Park on April 15, 2019.


The hope is to train the mini doodle to assist with Lola's type-1 diabetes.

(Photo: JR Radcliffe)


(Clockwise from top left) Jessica Labodda, Michael Labodda, camera-shy Libby, 4, and Lola, 6, pose with their new 11-week-old Mini-Doodle named Yeli at Miller Park.

(Photo: JR Radcliffe)

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