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I am attaching a photo of Rascal (fna Hansel).  His birthday was 11/23.  He truly is a menace to society but is loads of fun and cuddles.  We adopted him from you in March 2020.  He loves to shred the stuffing out of his toys and is always looking for some type of trouble to get into.  He does live up to his name



Brenda from "Spring Green Pups" comes highly recommended as she worked with my parents who are elderly, and fond the perfect puppy named Cookie to brighten their lives. I personally was hesitant as I worried a puppy would be too much work for them, but I was proven wrong.  Brenda is extremely knowledgeable and informative, making sure my parents would have a puppy that would the perfect fit and a wonderful addition to their home.  And Cookie has proven to be a positive furry friend to my parents and is never short of “kisses”.

What was also very much appreciated was that Brenda gave clear instructions with how to care for Cookie, and follows up to assure both parents and pup are happy.  She has ideas, solutions to issues, and ways to get Cookie acquainted to a new home.  So I would STRONGLY recommend "Spring Green Pups" to anyone who loves  pets!


Wally is doing great and is such a sweet dog. We took him to a dog park today! He is so funny and active! He jumps around all the time and it is like he has springs in his legs.


Brenda & Dusty... Thank you so much for the great experience visiting with you today and allowing us to get our new Master of The House, Bear!  We appreciate the time spent with us and all the information supplied with the attention to details!  We are so excited to have Bear in our home!


We bought a Goldendoodle puppy from Crystals litter back in June. We chose the larger of the two males. 

Murphy is amazing and we couldn’t be more in love! He is so friendly with people and other dogs and is such a laid back puppy. He is learning all of his basic commands and did great at the groomers for his first haircut. The vet has said his health is great and he is growing just as he should. But most importantly he is a perfect fit for us and has completed our family! Than you for all of your hard work. You gave us a truly amazing puppy!

Jeannine and Matt Saric

PS Andrew and William are so in love with Murphy!!!


Max’s 1st birthday on 11/5. He has been such a great dog for us


I’m 8.9 pounds! All muscle! She has a beautiful body-- sturdy the vet said! THANKS TO YOU! You guys have the BEST! We sure have been spreading the word of your company! So many people ask where we got her! She is a show stopper


Wally is 1 year old today! He is a great day with a wonderful personality


I wanted to let you know that Tucker is doing amazing and I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect family. I love him so much! I’m so in love with Tracker


Today at Minnehaha Falls. Love this boy.

Smores is doing great in the house with potty training, it has been weeks since he had an accident. He goes to the back door to sit when he wants to go outside, 

Thank you to Dusty for the great guidance and instruction, we followed his advice and it was all spot on and helped the transition.He is very affectionate and lovable and just wants to be with his people.

We are so appreciative that you reached out to us and allowed us the opportunity to bring him into our family.We have shared where we found Smores with several other families, so we hope you are still busy matching puppies and families.


We did get a very precious girl that everyone loves…. she is truly one in a million. Thank you so much!


Little Bella a “Rachon” (Rat Terrier/Bichon Frise) found a new home with Mike and tawnii.


Ozzie, now Gus, had a great check up at the vets! Thank you for helping us pick our perfect pup.


Rory (formerly Darling) is the sweetest, most well tempered pup I have ever met. She truly changed my life!


Merry Christmas!  Our new puppy is fitting in very well with our family from day one!  We have officially named him Lil Bear-it fits perfectly!  He can be pretty fierce when playing with his “ older brother” Fritzy!  Thanks for everything!  Wishing you all a happy new year!  Margaret and Roger Raisbeck and the whole family!

She loves romping around the entire backyard. She follows us around like the Pied Piper. It is so adorable! Everything is going very, very good. She is the smartest little dog. We have not had one accident since we brought her home

I just wanted you to know that tracker is doing amazing and I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect puppy yo join my family. He’s getting so big and the goodest of the boys! Tracker is 1 today! So thankful I found Spring Green Pups


Winnie is doing great!  First trip to the Apple orchard! She’s been eating/drinking well and seems to love her crate!  Thanks again for all the tips! We just  her!!!!  Jill 


I wanted to say THANK YOU! You and your husband were wonderful to work with and we absolutely love our sweet girl. My daughters are obsessed with Lady and The Tramp. Since she’s a girl they decided to give her the name Lady. We love her so much! Thank you again!


I got my sweet little Cava-poo from you last summer. I thought I'd share some recent pictures and give you an update!
Lolly just turned 1 about 1 month ago. She graduated from puppy school in April. She is the darling of the neighborhood. She loves to play, play, play....! She also loves to watch tv. And I mean she REALLY watches it! She has her favorite commercials and shows. She's sweet, smart, and hysterical!! She's a true joy.


They are so grown up and sweet!  We love them immensely.  Sawyer and Satchmo.  Steve and Sharon Strachota

hi brenda!! hope you and your family are staying safe and are doing well we just wanted to share with you that today Dunkin turned 2 years old!!we wanted to also thank you for giving us such an adorable dog , we truly do love him!!

- Mohit, Monica, Tanisha, and Anusha

My name is Rusty. Love my walks and heel real good. Love to play fetch. I weigh about 9 lbs. Almost every day we hear how cute he in on our walk

I wanted to email you an update on our Hershey (Van). He is an awesome pup! We took him to Colorado with us and he did amazing with the travel and camping and got to socialize with a variety of people and dogs! We couldn't be happier with being able to get him from you back in February


Hope you guys are well and safe.  Hershey is gorgeous and doing great.  Regards, Jerry


We took little Olive to the vet in Wednesday and she got an A+. She ’s her Papa!  Thank you so much! Peggy


I am almost 1 ! I weigh a healthy 12.2 pounds! My family takes me on long mile walks every day! I am so healthy and keep getting more adorable everyday! Thank you Springgreen pups for selling me to my fabulous family! Love KeiKi & Nicole Bohl


I just wanted to say thank you again for allowing us to visit and adopt our little Shorkie yesterday! Her new name is Esme, and she's doing beautifully. We're delighted with her!  -Georgette Paxton

Peanut is bringing us so much joy.  He is so spunky and cute. He’s just over 3 lbs now.   He loves the outdoors and our love   Sue in Lodi, Wi


We are so thankful for your help in securing Zuko last August. He has been an absolute delight. We adore him.  Suzette & Jim Vogel


We love Lily formally Sweet Pea.Sending a picture of our Christmas card as you took the picture. Sandy &Tom


Hi! Just wanted to give you an update! We are so in love with our baby girl! Tasha (Minnie) is so perfect for our family ! Thank you so much for showing us her! Katie

Just wanted to send you a picture of Millie (Charlotte)and I and say Merry Christmas and thanks again! She is everything I wanted and more!


Just wanted to extend a sincere thanks!!!!    Zuki is a wonderful addition to the family!

I wish I had 100 just like him!  

My husband, my daughter,my granddaughters went to look at puppies. Upon arrival we were pleasantly surprised by the professionalism displayed by Dusty and Brenda. We were greeted by the door and there was sanitation procedures , that took place to ensure the puppies were kept safe. Dusty gave our family a little lesson properly handling puppies. We found this very helpful. Dusty and Brenda were very full of beneficial information about puppies. They made us feel at ease and comfortable


Hi Brenda, I thought I would message you and give you a little update. One year ago yesterday we got our beloved Oswald from you guys! He has a personality like you wouldn’t believe he is quite a character. He’s probably the best thing that has happened to us. 

-Jenna Brescia and Logan Klem


Hi Brenda! I've been meaning to text you all day, things are going great. He just fits right in. Lucy has been all tail wags and tries her best to be gentle with Henry but needs reminders when she gets in super play mode.

We're all in love!


Hi Brenda, just want to let you know how much we love our little ShayLee. She is doing so well and is getting to explore so many new things like our grandsons high school soccer games, walks with two new puppies in our neighborhood, outdoor patio dining(that was a little challenging) and yesterday she got a professional bath and a big walk around Centennial Lakes Urban Park in Edina with a trip to Starbucks to finish the day. ShayLee zonked out on the ride home. We just want to let you know how happy she fills our hearts and hope that she knows how loved she is. 

Pam & Robert Lewis


He is THE BEST dog I have ever owned. We all love him SO much. Thank you for caring about your dogs! It says a lot about Spring Green Pups as well as you and Dusty


Hi Brenda and Dusty! Its been almost a year this Christmas since we brought "Reggie"(now Baxter) home. We had NO clue how much we needed him or how much he would serve our family. We have had lots of dogs and he is the best dog I have ever owned! So smart and loving. Our kids are in love with him. So many blessings!! Keep doing your thing. He is perfect

 Annie Burger


He is absolutely adorable! I love him already!! 

Very good! He slept in his crate right next to the bed, we stuck our fingers in there just like you said! He woke up about 5:30 which is when I start getting ready for work so it was perfect!

He found the water bowl and has been nibbling away at his food! 

Rodger has been such a fun addition to our family! He is very smart and so sweet! Our lab mikko adores him and they play together often! 

The vet reported early last week he is in great health! 

This is a picture after he got groomed today!

He’s great on walks, it helps that my other dog sets a pace and he likes to be by her side! 

He’s mastered sit, still working on stay! He really is the greatest! 

He is so adorable and he has been so wonderful! I cannot thank you enough for holding onto him for me! Catie


This is our two years old sheepadoodle and she weighs 34 lbs.   Thanks so much for taking such good care of her as a pup. She is smart, cuddly, loves people and other dogs, and loves to get people laughing with her antics!

Thanks again,

Susan Wagoner

My husband and I were in search of a  dog as I had recently retired and the grandkids were getting older and moving on. We chose to visit SpringGreen Pups. We were looking for a smaller breed of dog. We found the most wonderful little puppy! Her name is Angel. She is a Cavapoo with tricolors of black , gold and white. We found this kennel to be clean and well maintained. The owner’s Brenda and Dusty and the staff were so amazing in helping us find the perfect fit.  They were informative and thoughtful. They were able to insert a chip I.D. and sent us off with all the things we needed to start our new adventure with the sweetest, smartest little pup.

Tom & Sally McCoy 

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