I just wanted you to know that tracker is doing amazing and I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect puppy yo join my family. He’s getting so big and the goodest of the boys! Tracker is 1 today! So thankful I found Spring Green Pups

My name is Rusty. Love my walks and heel real good. Love to play fetch. I weigh about 9 lbs. Almost every day we hear how cute he in on our walk
She loves romping around the entire backyard. She follows us around like the Pied Piper. It is so adorable! Everything is going very, very good. She is the smartest little dog. We have not had one accident since we brought her home

I wanted to say THANK YOU! You and your husband were wonderful to work with and we absolutely love our sweet girl. My daughters are obsessed with Lady and The Tramp. Since she’s a girl they decided to give her the name Lady. We love her so much! Thank you again!


Wally is doing great and is such a sweet dog. We took him to a dog park today! He is so funny and active! He jumps around all the time and it is like he has springs in his legs.


We did get a very precious girl that everyone loves…. she is truly one in a million. Thank you so much!


Wally is 1 year old today! He is a great day with a wonderful personality


Ozzie, now Gus, had a great check up at the vets! Thank you for helping us pick our perfect pup.


I’m 8.9 pounds! All muscle! She has a beautiful body-- sturdy the vet said! THANKS TO YOU! You guys have the BEST! We sure have been spreading the word of your company! So many people ask where we got her! She is a show stopper

Max’s 1st birthday on 11/5. He has been such a great dog for us


Today at Minnehaha Falls. Love this boy.

I wanted to let you know that Tucker is doing amazing and I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect family. I love him so much! I’m so in love with Tracker


Rory (formerly Darling) is the sweetest, most well tempered pup I have ever met. She truly changed my life!


I wanted to email you an update on our Hershey (Van). He is an awesome pup! We took him to Colorado with us and he did amazing with the travel and camping and got to socialize with a variety of people and dogs! We couldn't be happier with being able to get him from you back in February


I got my sweet little Cava-poo from you last summer. I thought I'd share some recent pictures and give you an update!
Lolly just turned 1 about 1 month ago. She graduated from puppy school in April. She is the darling of the neighborhood. She loves to play, play, play....! She also loves to watch tv. And I mean she REALLY watches it! She has her favorite commercials and shows. She's sweet, smart, and hysterical!! She's a true joy.

Little Bella a “Rachon” (Rat Terrier/Bichon Frise) found a new home with Mike and tawnii.